Hello Again

It has been too long friends. We’ve missed you, and hope you are staying safe out there in this wild, wreck of a world. We’ve been focusing on our families, our little furry friends, and in those rare moments of inspiration, our own work. That being said, there are some exciting new projects on the Thoughtcrime horizon, and we’ll keep you updated. For now, just know that we’re going to be working alongside some real beauties, and absolute inspirations, and couldn’t be more thrilled.

don’t get your hopes up Chicago book release


Hello Friends,

it has been too long, but, oh my, do we have something special for you. On October 13th, courtney marie will be traveling up to Chicago to celebrate the release of her amazing chapbook Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. Joining her will be authors from Thoughtcrime Press, Meekling Press, the Unreal Reading Series, Sobotka Lit Mag, and Match Books! And a dance party to follow the reading! Please join us at the humble house for this weirdo extravaganza.


In other news, all of our current titles can now be found over at Small Press Distribution. Woot woot.

Not My President Now Available

Not My President, The Anthology of Dissent is finally available. We’ve gathered voices from around the world in this anthology, including National Book Award winners, visual artists, New York Times Best Sellers, poets laureate, singer-songwriters, high school students, and children of illegal immigrants, all united in their opposition to the policies of Donald Trump. We’ve shipped off copies to every member of Congress, and the Tweeter-In-Chief, and all remaining profits will go towards non profit groups facing backlash under the current administration. Click the book cover to purchase a copy for yourself.

Updates, updates, updates

Hello Friends,

our apologies for the silence. We’re so very close to sharing with you the Not My President anthology, and are hard at work editing and choosing cover art for the winning Lorien Prize chapbooks. If all goes to plan, the whole bunch will be available before the end of the year.

In other news, Captain Josh Gaines, Thoughtcrime author Ben Clark, and Meekling Press founder Rebecca Elliott will be risking it all in Nebraska this October at the Art Farm, a multi-disciplinary artist residency.


Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2017 Lorien Prize!


The Curtsy Family by Brielle Brilliant and The Loser’s Guide To Street Fighting by Howie Good



Moon Woman: Mythologies and Truths by Fatima-Ayan Maliki Hirsi and Don’t Get Your Hopes Up by Courtney Marie (offered joint 2017 publication)

Zersetzung by Kelly Thomas

fragmented by Rabha Ashry

This Bitter Earth by Anita Olivia Koester and This Atlas, Lost by Stacy Balkun

Seasons of the Crone by Heather Frankland

Road Worrier by Sandra Anfang

Butterfly Bombs by Marisa Adame

The Attic, The Basement, The Barn by Saleem Penny

Body To Words by Rebeka Hall and Miranda Steffens

It was a wonderful few months of reading for us at Thoughtcrime Press, and the lovely writers above represent only a small portion of the incredible work we received for the Lorien Prize, and continue to receive for the Not My President Anthology. Thank you to everyone who submitted. It was an honor and a privilege to read your manuscripts.

Now, back to work, crafting beautiful books that celebrate our authors, and their unique, exhilarating takes on language and storytelling.


Thoughtcrime Press

Captain Josh Gaines, and Ben Clark

Open Submissions for New Anthology – Not My President

Thoughtcrime Press is accepting submissions for our new anthology, Not My President.

We want poems and short work (essays etc. under 2000-ish words) that discuss the election of 2016, the truths and fears and anger regarding going forward after the election of Donald Trump, and the shift that has occurred in many friend groups and families because of that election. We want your thoughts on the future, your reflections on the past, and your words of resistance. We want to collect voices of dissent while we still can. We want to share them with the world. A moment of historical significance has occurred, and we want to acknowledge and preserve the reaction to it. We want this book to be referenced in the future as part of our history.

People need to speak out, and never stop. We are not trying to be balanced in our approach to a Trump presidency. Any work glorifying Trump won’t be considered for this publication. We are also saying officially that as a press, Thoughtcrime does not support Trump or his messages of hate, war, misogyny, racism and bigotry. We reject fascism and we embrace the equal rights of all people. If this alienates some who support our press, then we accept that. We don’t need their support to be successful.

All accepted authors will receive a digital copy of the anthology and be able to purchase the printed book from us at print cost +$1.

Profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood and groups supporting Black Lives Matter and public water rights.

The Basics:

-Each author should send between 3-5 poems or one short piece, or any combination thereof, pasted into the body of an email. Attachments won’t be opened. If special formatting is required, send a quick note that explains it and we will request a pdf/word doc.

-We accept previously published work as long as you mention where it was first published and have full rights to reprint it.

-Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. Just let us know if somewhere else picks it up.

-The book will be crafted with absolute care for the text, and will stay in print as long as Thoughtcrime remains a press.




The Lorien Prize Now Open For Submissions

We at Thoughtcrime Press are thrilled to announce that we’ll be accepting submissions from December 15thJanuary 31st for our first ever chapbook competition, the Lorien Prize, and we’ll publish not just one, but two winning authors! We will present the two collections in the summer of 2017 as a single back to back volume, using a tête-bêche binding. This format allows us to join two works whose themes or styles converse with each other, expanding the presence of both in a final book in an otherwise impossible way. If you know someone whose writing would go well with your own, submit together. We are excited to see what you have in mind!

The Basics

-$10 submission fee.

-Submit alone or with another author.

-If submitting with another author, still only $10!

-Each author should send between 15 and 29 poems (though if your manuscript falls a little outside these parameters, still submit!).

-Winners announced at AWP, February 2017.

-Winning authors each receive 50 free copies, guidance with tour preparation and promotion, and access to all benefits of the Thoughtcrime family of authors and artists.

-The book will be crafted with absolute care for the text and authors’ wishes, printed with an ISBN, and will stay in print as long as Thoughtcrime stays a press.


Rather than describe what we’re looking for in a manuscript, it might be more helpful to list a few things we’ve been reading lately, and obsessing over.

Hanif Abdurraqib-The Crown Aint Worth Much

Ocean Vuong-Night Sky With Exit Wounds

Sam Sax-Sad Boy Detective

Ross Gay-Catalogue of Unabashed Gratitude

Anders Carlson Wee-Dynamite

Christopher Soto-Sad Girl Poems

Danez Smith-Insert Boy

Ada Limon-Bright Dead Things

Rachel McKibbens-Mammoth

Patricia Smith-Blood Dazzler

Claudia Rankine-Citizen

Natalie Diaz-When My Brother Was An Aztec

Aricka Foreman-Dream With a Glass Chamber

Jamaal May-The Big Book Of Exit Strategies

Roger Reeves-King Me

Aracelis Girmay-Kingdom Animalia

Vievee Francis-Horse in the Dark

Nate Marshall-Wild Hundreds

Phillip B. Williams-Thief in the Interior