The Curtsy Family by Brielle Brilliant | 2018


Early praise for The Curtsy Family:


The Curtsy Family isn’t even a book really. It’s more like a wild animal. With scissors and staples and punches in the face. It’ll hit you and cut you and do other things too. But you won’t be sorry because you paid for it. There is a great new writer in our midst and her name Brielle Brilliant.

–Scott McClanahan

Brielle’s writing makes me feel like I have a ghost head. The way some ghosts walk right through walls or through tables, her writing turns my head into a ghost head, and I’ve taken my new head and i’ve pressed it right into the middle of someone else’s head. Now I’m sitting in the middle of their thoughts, which flow linear, then less linear, nuggets of mundane sewn together with raw emotion and slicing insightful truth. “Do all kids think their dad’s a moron, or just the kids of an actual moron?” her character asks, and with this simple question, I am left wondering about my own observations of reality…how real are they? How can I differentiate the personal and the universal? Have I always been a ghost head inside another’s head, and only feel it when she reminds me to?

–Laura Callier

This book will beat you up. A big story that comes to you in bursts of violent vulnerability. The writing is messy and perfect. The family is a brilliant mess. Brielle Brilliant gives us everything without giving us an inch, and I loved every word of it.

–Colin Winnette